my name is Brahim Azizi AKA SHADY, CG Artist from Tangier/Morocco, I love CG and have been doing so every day for the past 4 years, and i still want to learn more and get more skills, my dream is to work in the most amazing companys of CG Domain, and to inspire the next geniration of digital artists .

the sad baby

salam everyone
well this is my illustration i did for mcdonalds morocco, which you can see the little kid wants the burger instead of his disgusting food, i wanted to make a sad expression of the baby's face like he is getting ready to start crying, so i started to collect the right references for my idea, i made some changes in my progress on the perspective and the background till i found the right one, and before i started to paint i did some study on lights and shades so i can get the results i want .