my name is Brahim Azizi AKA SHADY, CG Artist from Tangier/Morocco, I love CG and have been doing so every day for the past 4 years, and i still want to learn more and get more skills, my dream is to work in the most amazing companys of CG Domain, and to inspire the next geniration of digital artists .

character design "AMBER"

character design i did for the projet "AMBER", they choose the design in the middle with some few edits in 3D .

character design & modeling for VQR maroc

skateboard and basketball cow

work i did for "valencia" :)
the sculpting done in Zbrush with polypaint and BPR render inside zbrush and the compositing inside photoshop :)
hope you guys like it :))


hey guys, here is my new 3D artwork a version "Michael Kutsche" concept design .. one of my fav artist .
the work done in Zbrush, starting with a dynamech sphere and no symmetry .. its not really easy sculpting without symmetry but it was a good challenge to me .
polypaint texture inside zbrush, render with BPR & compositing done in photoshop .
hope you guys like it, and thanks :)

BioWare CGHUB 2012 3D Challenge - Dragon Age - brahim azizi

my entery for BioWare CGHUB 2012 3D Challenge - Dragon Age