my name is Brahim Azizi AKA SHADY, CG Artist from Tangier/Morocco, I love CG and have been doing so every day for the past 4 years, and i still want to learn more and get more skills, my dream is to work in the most amazing companys of CG Domain, and to inspire the next geniration of digital artists .

matte-painting of Morocco Mall

Morocco Mall was designed by Davide Padoa, which is the chief architect and CEO of Design International, an architectural firm specializing in the development of designs for magazines and international centers.

Two expert retail groups, Group Aksal and group Al Jedaie, have combined their expertise and know-how in order to bring a unique and visionary project to life: Morocco Mall.
Located by the sea, this project of Titanic proportions that required a Dh 2 billion investment, hopes to revolutionize the modern commercial landscape in Morocco

and this is my matte-painting of the Mall